The name Miura is inspired by Don Eduardo Miura who was known for breeding the fiercest fighting bulls in Spain. His constant attention and dedication to this process can be seen through the effort we put in producing our food in the kitchen. Taking island’s local fresh ingredients, and with a little magic and love turning them into honest, wholesome creations served on the plates of our patrons from all over the world. 

Chef Taufan Rahamdhai and his team have integrated Spanish inspired dishes and it’s European counterparts, with Asian favourites that let you discover exotic flavors. West meets East hand in hand in Bali.

During your visit you shouldn’t miss our Spanish Drunken Chicken, Crispy Calamari, our Barbecue nights and less famous Pintxos which are similar to tapas. Pintxos are typical snacks in the bars of San Sebastian, Bilbao and other legendary Basque festive cities. The good wines and sangria are always followed by light bites and amusing conversations.

Miura’s circular architecture evoke an organic feeling of natural habitat where you get to cozy up, lay back and feel at home. Sit on the deck and observe the hustle and bustle of legendary Dhyana Pura street in Seminyak. There is enough space  for everyone to find a perfect spot to feast over food and the best Sangria on the island.

You can contact us for special events, celebrations, tapas and barbecue catering.